Altamont Brewing
Photography sample – Ganja Juice by Altamont

Got a beer-related product you want to promote on Instagram, Facebook, etc.? A Belgian’s Beer Diary is here to help! With an extensive portfolio in beer marketing, A Belgian’s Beer Diary can help you grow your following and help you stay up to date with fresh posts on your social media every day.

Already have that covered? Props to that! But what about your photography? Make your beer look as good as it tastes and let us to the work!

Hermitage Brewing Co.
Peter Licht cleaning out the lines

Please contact Morgane by filling out the form on the contact page to discuss the scope of work and receive a list of available marketing packages.

Please keep in mind that your business needs to be within a 25-mile radius of San Jose, CA if you require ongoing photography work. This may change as we expand, but we want to make sure you get top-notch service!

Current services available include:

1. Social media packages

  • Create quality content for Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Increase social media following
  • Increase interactions with followers and other beer industry related accounts
  • Take quality photos to market products, space, and events
  • Maintain social media accounts 

2. Website package

  • Build website from scratch
  • Improve existing website
  • Keep content fresh and up to date
  • Create quality content and photography
  • Create blogs/news to drive traffic 

3. Photography packages

  • Social media photography (with or without Social Media/Website Package)
  • Event photography (breweries, taprooms, festivals, private events)
  • Website photography
  • Blog photography
  • Project-based photography

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