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Beer without the bacon (for me)

Yes! Try to go to the Bacon and Beer Classic while on a temporary vegan diet.

Bacon and Beer Classic
Bacon and Beer Classic at Avaya Stadium

I dare you! All the bacon and bacon-infused concoctions looked delicious… but I couldn’t try any of it. How did I cope, you ask? Well, that’s easy! There was plenty of beer to tide me over. I got to visit with the guys from 7 Stills, Loma Brewing, Blaker Brewing, Mraz Brewing, Freewheel Brewing, Taplands, The Booth Brewing, HenHouse Brewing, Hapa’s Brewing, Gilman Brewing, and, of course, Umunhum Brewing (you’ll see why the “of course” in a future post). My fave from the festival? Hard to say but I want to give a shoutout to Mraz Brewing’s Capitol Luau, a guava and passion fruit sour . Same goes for Blaker Brewing’s No Man’s Land (with the Pink Boots Society hop blend). Nice work guys!

Thirsty yet?!

Bacon and Beer Classic
Bacon and Beer Classic in full swing at Avaya Stadium

Most of my day was spent by the Umunhum Brewing booth, taking photographs and pouring beer, but I still got to enjoy some of the festival. Great brews. Great people. I’m so glad I was a volunteer and could try all the beer before the crowd started pouring in. The place was packed! In previous years, the festival was held at Levi’s Stadium. This year, we were at Avaya Stadium… a little smaller but still awesome! Oh and don’t mind those PETA guys trying to convince you that Bacon is the worst thing on earth using provocative images and tactics. I guess that’s just part of every and any food event you’ll attend nowadays… (Not that I think animal cruelty is ok… Let’s get that clear! But come on!)

By the way, while I’m at it… Could you follow my Instagram and Umunhum Brewing’s Instagram when you get a chance? I really appreciate the support!

If you missed this one, no worries. The Bacon and Beer Classic will be right next door in Seattle next month! Ha!