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Cannibal Quad Collab

Saying I’m behind is an understatement. Back in September, I had the pleasure to brew a Belgian-style quadruple with the guys at DTSJ Brewing, and it finally came out early December!

Cannibal QuadI was really excited to try it and taste the fruits of our labor, and I have to say I’m not at all disappointed. Our Cannibal Quad came out amazing! But what’s a quadruple anyway? Some may argue that quadruple is somewhat of a made-up term referring to Grand Cru ales with higher ABVs and spicy/ripe fruit flavors. Quads are not really a thing per say in Belgium. Now that we’ve set the record straight, I want to come right out and say it: This Cannnibal Quad has every characteristic of a Belgian ale. Great head retention with tiny little bubbles and that je ne said quoi that only Trappist and abbey ales have. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Can you tell?

Cannibal Quad
Dave and I hard at work

But why Cannibal? Although Cannibal Quad sounds kind of cool in its own right, there is actually a reason behind the name. Ron and Dave from DTSJ love biking -especially Ron, and I thought we could pay homage to one of the greatest cyclists of all times: Eddy Merckx. He was indeed nicknamed the Cannibal.

Here is what Dave wrote about the brew on Untappd: Belgians love to ride bicycles. Probably the most famous Belgian cyclist of them all is Eddy Merckx. With 11 Grand Tour victories to his name, he earned the nickname “The Cannibal.”

We brewed this beer using traditional Abbaye methods, which result in a smooth, subtle beer with tiny foam bubbles that hides its strength. 100% Admiral Maltings grain provide the foundation of the beer. We raised the temperature during the mashing process in order to create the correct foam and improve extraction. A traditional Abbaye yeast was used and strict temperature control in order to control some of the flavors normally associated with Belgian beers. Kegs and bottles are naturally carbonated. Drink before 2021. Collaboration with A Belgian’s Beer Diary. Artwork by LeRoid!

Cannibal Quad
Ron and Matt are weighing the grain

Now the question is: Where do you find this brew? Well… It’s pretty much sold out, but you may be able to get your hands on a pint or a bottle at one of the local taprooms (San Jose, CA area). We only had 60 bottles to start with anyway with the rest in kegs. It’s a pretty exclusive brew, and I like it that way. If you are able to grab a bottle, you may want to keep it for a year or so. I think it will age wonderfully!

More photos from our brew day: