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October in December… Naturally

It seemed natural to come out with a beer named October 22 at the end of December. Don’t you think? But don’t get crazy. October 22, 2019 is the day I became an American.

October 22 Belgian-style IPAWhat better way to celebrate than to brew a beer with a fellow European? Although I have fully accepted the rights and duties conferred on me in the process of becoming an American citizen, I will always root for Belgian beer and Belgian soccer. I hope that’s ok and no one takes offense… 😉

For this brew, Tobi and I decided to dry hop this Belgian-style IPA with some lavender with which we had been wanting to experiment. We used Belgian Monastery Ale Yeast to give it the perfect American/Belgian balance. Santé!

October 22 Belgian-style IPAThe brew was bottled at at the end of December when I came back from my trip to Belgium, and I thought it was a little too bitter for my taste. Some of the hops have now settled a little more, and the more I drink it the more I like it. Lavender turns out to be a slightly complicated ingredient to work with, but I like a challenge so I may experiment with it again.

More photos of October 22: