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Near Beer Cheer!

Every year I go on a vegan/alcohol-free diet for a month.

Athletic Brewing’s Upside Dawn Non-Alcoholic Golden

I debated on whether I should do it this year since our local breweries need our patronage due to Covid. But hey, I still go to breweries and buy kombucha, hopped tea, etc. to make up for it.

Though this exercise is a bit hard because I’m a total carnivore and I’ve been known to drink a few beers, I feel it is necessary to reset my body and give it some rest. It’s also a great time for me to focus my energy on something other than craft beer (yeah, it’s needed as well.). Next year, I’ll probably get smarter and do it in February instead of March, but oh well. And I know what you are going to say. Near beer still has alcohol… yeah it does. 0.5% generally, to be exact, but it’s a great opportunity to try some brews I would otherwise not pay attention to.

In my first 4 days as a “sober” person, I have tried 3 non-alcoholic beers. It’s a bit surprising at first, and it takes a bit of time to get used to it. That being said, it forces you to pay attention to the ingredients more (mostly the hops).

The first one I’ve tried was Grüvi’s Golden. It is brewed for Grüvi by Neologik Brewing in Wheat Ridge, CO. Then, I went on to try Bootstrap Brewing’s Strapless Non-Alcoholic IPA. That one is from Longmont, CO. I would have liked to stay local in my choices, but I had to go for a third one and my local liquor store (Tipsy’s Liquor World) didn’t have anymore non-alcoholic options (meaning from other breweries). The third one I’ve tried is Athletic Brewing’s Upside Dawn Non-Alcoholic Golden. It saddens me to say that so far the San Diego, CA brewery wins the taste test. I still have a few more of the other two in my fridge and will give them another shot for sure. I’m sure non-alcoholic beer is an acquired taste. I’m surely getting more used to them as I go.

Near Beer Cheer!